Some of my 3D animation works

Some of the works I did in the 3D animation field.


Main works during 2010-2011  [HD Link in Vimeo]


3D Artist generalist:  modelling, illumination, textures and materials, rigging, hair & cloth, animation and postproduction

Used Tools: Autodesk 3d Studio Max 2011, ZBrush 4, Nuke 6.3 y Adobe Premiere Cs5.

It consist in a video installation that plays with the orient lamp as a mystic and cultural symbol. 2 minutes of duration. It was made for a cycle playing.

Collaboration with the consolidate spanish artist Valeriano Lopez (direction), being me the reposnable of the 3D productiona and the postproduction.

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November 2010

A reel with some of the works I did during the Master in 3D animation and postproduction in CICE, Madrid.



Tools used for modelling, texturing, illumination, rigging, animation and postproduction are: Autodesk 3d Studio Max 2011, ZBrush 3.5, Nuke 6 y Adobe Premiere Cs5.

[Link in Vimeo]

March 2010

Impulse is a plastic and rythmical work. It shows a fragile geometric world. The work is presented and selected in the Alonso Cano Awards: creative and science art for university students, in the New Image Technoligies field. Universidad de Granada.

Diploma UGR Premios Alonso Cano



Impulso. It was used with the Open Source software Blender (v2.49). 

  • Design, production and sound idea. Sergio León.
  • Music edition. Carlos Criado


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